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Markets | Telecom & Cable TV

The Telecom and Cable TV markets have been in constant product flux since the 1980’s. Huge growth in consumer products includes Cell Phones, Internet, Voice products and High Definition Television.

To support this growth, the Telecom and cable companies have constantly upgraded their systems to meet the high-speed data demand. ACT Communications has developed a long list of products that are both off the shelf and custom designed for very specific Telecom needs. This includes AC, DC and Data protectors for Central Offices, Regen Huts and Cellular Towers.

Product Solutions AC Products

Product Solutions DC Tele Products

ACT 422-265-101
Telephone Protector

ACT 422-100-102
Coax Cable Protector

ACT 422-060-101
Ethernet Protector

ACT 422 DLA DIN Rail
DIN Rail-Mounted Surge Suppressor

ACT 423-007-BNC
(C/V or V)

Coax CCTV Surge Suppressor

ACT 424-065-XXX RF
Coax Surge Arrestor

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Cable Location Protection Family


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